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Keeping fences in good repair is a necessary chore that not only adds value to your property, but also increases the security of your property as well. They are normally not a matter of joint responsibility for neighbours as they are usually benefit one neighbour more than the other.However, QCAT can make orders about fencing disputes that includes work on a retaining wall if the repair of the fence will also require work on the retaining wall.

My plan is to remove each panel and post cut post even with ground level repour concert add brace reinstall post and panel. Extremely large electric fence grids should install additional lightning diverters and ground rods further out along their electric fence installation.

Even so, you should check on your fences , and if they are in need of some repairs, follow these tips. Step 4: Turn off the transmitter box again and wrap the boundary wires from the fence around the different legs of the choke leads. Fence installers generally work outdoors at construction and remodeling sites, and their work consists of using measuring and marking devices to ensure that fences are placed according to design and property schematic drawings.

If most of the post underground is rotten or the post has snapped, you will need to replace the post entirely (see above for help on this). In addition to causing pain and injury to animals, a barb wire fence can do the same to humans who inadvertently come in contact with it. Even repairing and maintenance can be dangerous and time consuming.

If your fence repairs are extensive, it may be time to replace it. With a little shrubbery or plants, such fences can provide very attractive barriers along property lines. Vinyl fences can easily be repaired without the need to dig them up or remove them from the cement.

Use a shovel to dig out the base of the fence post and remove any concrete. Any fence older than 10 years should be evaluated to see if the posts are still solid and the wire inspected for rust. If you accidentally build on your neighbor's property, the municipality could hold them liable for repairs and maintenance.

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