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Individuals who have spent any amount of time working as an employee for someone else knows that the time they spend working is primarily for the benefit of the organization. Individuals may become dissatisfied with regular jobs and constantly dealing with the lack of control over policies and procedures implemented by management, as well as unrealistic expectations. Individuals put in many hours, but do not necessarily reap the benefits in monetary reward and personal satisfaction.
A franchise opportunity is an exciting alternative to working a regular job. There are a variety of bakery franchise opportunities to choose from, including restaurants, childcare, senior services and cleaning services. Within each type of franchise, there are a variety of levels of initial start-up cost and ongoing support.
With a franchise, you explore a unique business opportunity to venture on your own, but you can draw from the success and experience of those who invested initial time developing and perfecting a business model. Successful franchisees use the franchise as a basis, and blend in their own personal work experiences and management style. Franchise opportunities provide a variety of support services, including help siting the business, marketing and advertising, management training, training for employees, and operational support.
People are attracted to the idea of working for themselves for many reasons. Some individuals like the flexibility of making their own schedule, and the ability to work around their family needs. Others make the franchise operation a family affair, switching off duties and allowing for parents to take turns taking kids to school and activities. Working for a typical office job in corporate America does not always allow for this flexibility.
The reality of life is we all need to make money to pay for our living and personal expenses, and educational needs. Working long hours for someone else earns you a paycheck, but it does not have a large return on investment. Your best performance earns the company monetary gain and reputation. Investing in franchise opportunities puts you in the driver's seat. You benefit directly from the time you spend on the business, both on a personal level and in terms of monetary gain.
With the flexibility of a franchise comes the responsibility of finding your own healthcare and retirement plans. Fortunately, there is a large network of support for franchises, including the franchises themselves, other franchisees, and local business associations where you can meet other small business owners. You will have more control over selecting these services, rather than being limited to selecting a provider or a retirement plan from an employer. You can design how the profits are split, so you can meet healthcare, retirement and business reinvestment needs.
Being your own boss has another advantage -- you will have more control over staffing and hiring decisions. More control over hiring means you can develop the team atmosphere you want as a manager. The bottom line is, you will be more motivated to work hard and build a successful business if you enjoy coming to work each and every day.

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